As you know, I’m the author of MVC Turbine. Since the beginning of the project, I’ve received community assistance via code patches to address some issues or add features to the project.  Also, I’ve received non-code help from the community. For example, Hugo Bonacci (@hugoware) for donated his artistic talent and created these awesome logos for the project.  These logos adorn the CodePlex site as well as the Twitter account (@mvcturbine).

Most recently, I welcomed the help of Anthony from Sticker Mule to the list of contributors to the project.  Sticker Mule prints custom stickers starting at $69 for 100.  They aspire to be every developer's favorite sticker printing service. While building the Sticker Mule website, they leveraged Spree, an open-source Rails e-commerce platform to provide the features to their site.  Since open source helped them, they’re doing what they can to pay it forward. So they donated 100 awesome die cut stickers with the MVC Turbine engine logo to the project!

Check out their awesome work:

mvcturbine_diecutPretty awesome, huh? I would like to personally thank Anthony and Sticker Mule for this great addition to the project! So next time you see me in person, make sure to ask me for one!

Again, thank you Anthony and Sticker Mule for making open source a fun place to be in :)

Happy Coding!