July 2008 Entries

ASPInsiders Summit 2008

Last week I attended the ASPInsiders Summit at the MS main campus in Redmond.  I must say that by Wednesday afternoon my head was ready to explode with the amount of content that I, along with another Insiders, parsed through!!  However, it was a great opportunity to provide feedback the teams that make up the ASP.NET Team. Over all, it was a great way to experience the process in which MS takes customers feedback and prioritizes features for their products.  Sure, we all build products, but I must say that we don't do it at the scale that Microsoft...

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267F Days Old

Wow, I can't believe I've added another 16D days to the stack...although at times it feels like 1DF1.  For you geeks out there, here's another representation of the day count: Octal - 23177 Octal (byte) - 177 Binary - 10011001111111 Binary (byte) - 1111111 Well, now thinking about it...I'm actually only 267E days old since the day is not over yet. Anyway, here's to good times (and hopefully more to come)!

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