For those of you that attended one or both at of my talks at VSLive Las Vegas or HDC Omaha 2008, I just want to say, thank you!  And for the VSLive folks, I do apologize for cutting my open source tools talk short by 10 minutes.  I had to jet out of the Mirage so I can make the plane back to the Midwest!

As promised, I upgraded my code to run with Beta 1 of the ASP.NET MVC Framework!  So, if you want to get the latest bits go to:

You will find my slide deck as well as all the necessary pieces to run my demos.  Please note that for the YABE and NHibernate demo you need SQL Server.

Again, thanks for taking the time to come listen to me.  If you have any questions for concerns don't hesitate to contact me: javier-at-lozanotek-dot-com or