I haven't done this in a while, so I apologize.  Here's my current reading list for technical/non-technical books:

The Black Swan


Thus far is a pretty good book.  When I picked it up, it sounded like a great book since it tries to answer the "how" of the unexpected.  For some reason, I'm always a sucker for these type of books.



I love biographies because they provide a different insight on a person's life.  I've only managed to get through chapter 1, which is a little sad since I was really looking forward to getting through this book.  At 704 pages, it's going to be a great read...come on, it's Einstein!


by and

Now, technically, I'm not reading this this book since it is an audio book.  I really like the way the authors explain their SUCCESS process for making your ideas a bit more "sticky".  I must say that I listened to this book on the way up to the Twin Cities Code Camp and the time just flew by!  Really, I mean that.  I definitely can't wait to get a lot further on this audio book.



I listened to this audio book on the way to/from (and in) Hawaii.  All I can say is that I laughed hysterically!  If you like watching the , you need to get this book!