Earlier today, provided us with, what I think is, on getting people to understand the of the new .

Scott says,

This is a not just a different tune, but a whole different band playing all new music. Not everyone will like the music, and that's why the world has more than one band. This is a Good Thing.

I like to think of ASP.NET MVC as the raw, acoustic version of the more heavily produced and multi-layered ASP.NET WebForms we use today.

To me, these words are pure awesomeness!  We as ASP.NET developers can now play a different song if we want to! (By the way, I'm also including in this ASP.NET playlist.)

I don't know how many times I've heard people asking questions like, why should I move to an MVC framework? why I do need to write all my HTML by hand?  why do I have to learn something new?  Honestly, you don't have to do anything.  If you have a solid grasp on the and see the MVC framework as "meh" or "old school ASP", that's totally fine.  Nobody is forcing you to use it.  To relate to Scott's music analogy, is like having the option of changing or staying on the radio station when you hear that annoying song playing; it's totally up to you, you're in complete control.   aspnet_zen

There are tons of great products out there that were built using this model; it totally works and gets the job done.  Now, if you believe that , and more importantly are comfortable with it, then it's worth checking out either MonoRail or ASP.NET. 

What are your thoughts on the matter?