I've been using my MacBook over 4 months now and I must say that I'm pretty impressed with the experience. By no means do I consider my self an expert on the Mac, it's still a journey. ;-)

For those interested, here's a list of my top tools that I use everyday on my Mac.

  • VMWare Fusion

    VMWare Fusion -- This is a most have for those of you doing WoM (Windows on Mac)! If you have a bootcamp partition, then it's just as easy as pie to get Windows up and running on your Mac.

  • Macromate's TextMate

    TextMate -- This editor is pretty awesome. It can do pretty much anything you want - like gVim on crack! For example, this blog post was written with it.

  • QuickSilver

    QuikcSilver -- WOW, talk about a productivity booster. Pretty much imagine having access to any part of OSX without moving your hands from the keyboard. It's like SlickRun, only on crack with a hint of cocaine.

  • svnX

    svnX -- Pretty nice interface to interact with Subversion repositories. If you want a more TortoiseSVN-like experience, check out SCPlugin. I have both installed on my Mac and it's great having the two.

  • Twitterrific

    Twitterrific -- So, I admit that I'm addicted to twitter. There I've said it. What better way to experience it than by using this awesome tool? I've yet to see one win twitter client that matches it.

  • Adium

    Adium -- It's like Pidgin but it comes with a cool comic duck and OTR out of the box!

Granted, there are more tools that I use everyday, but these make the experience so much better. For those of you in the WoM (Windows on Mac) group out there, what tools do you use?

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