No, no!  We're not expecting another child!  I just got a couple more golf clubs for my collection! ;-)  Here is the detail of the clubs:



The SasQuatch (SQ) 460 Driver. The SQ 460 features a distinctive yellow sole design and club head design with what company officials call the "ideal ratio" between the width of the club face and the depth of the club head.

All I can say is that is club rocks!  I was lucky to buy it WAY cheaper than it says for retail and it was worth every penny.  I increased about 50-60 yards on my drive and the swing is as smooth as hell!



The new Halo hybrid utility club will produce shots approximately five to ten yards longer than standard long irons. The Halo hybrid utility offers an extra large sweet spot and a high moment of inertia for increased stability and forgiveness at impact making it easy to hit for golfers of all abilities. Due to its unique sole design, and low and deep center of gravity, this hybrid club is extremely versatile for shots.

I went and got the stiff shaft for it since I have a fast swing speed (170+ mph ... at least that's what the machine told me).  Also with the 19-degree loft, I can pop the ball pretty nice into the air and get around 240-250 yards for the range.  I was pretty impressed on how easily the club swung and how light it felt.  This is a great replacement for my 3 & 4 irons in my bag (I don't have any fairway woods, so it's a nice intermediate club for that too).

Now, if I could only get more time out on the fairways... ;-)