So, I arrived to the Des Moines airport early to get through the lines quicker.  I hate waiting through lines, so I viewed this as a good thing.  While listening to my audio book, I received a phone call from Delta airlines...yeah, not a good thing.  The conversation went a little like this:

    • Delta: Mr. Lozano, this is Delta airlines contacting you with information regarding the changes done to your intinerary.
    • Me: I'm currently at the airport, I don't see any changes to my parting flight to Atlanta.
    • Delta: The change is actually to your connecting flight to Orlando.
    • Me: Ok...
    • Delta: It appears that your flight from Des Moines is going to be late arriving to the gate thus making you miss your connecting flight to Orlando.  We've already re-booked you to a later flight that goes out at 8:45 PM to Orlando.
    • Me: Ok... (this is when I start to realize that I will be stuck in Atlanta for 6+ hours waiting for my connecting flight to Orlando)
    • Delta: Also, to make up for the inconvenience for this change, you've been upgraded to First Class.  [Standard thank-you jargon]

So, needless to say, I will not be making Party With Palermo this evening since I will be arriving rather late to Orlando (Flight time from Atlanta to Orlando: 1 hr 30 min).  The thing that sucks is that I have to get up extra early tomorrow so I can register in the morning so I can then have time to make the keynote presentation.

Things can only get better from here, right?