From the looks of it (via Phil Haack), CodePlex will be supporting SVN (both svn.exe and TortoiseSVN) for all of their projects.  Here's the converstaion Jim Newkirk and Phil had:

Haacked wrote Mon at 8:24 PM

So I can download svn.exe from and manage my CodePlex source code repository, yes? So are you rolling out Subversion? Or a Subversion facade into TFS? Anything you can reveal? :)

jimnewkirk wrote Mon at 7:41 PM

To clarify: it's our intention to support the functionality of the command-line Subversion client as well as TortoiseSVN.

jimnewkirk wrote Mon at 7:40 PM

Phil, yes. We created a bridge. We are not rolling out Subversion servers.

Haacked wrote Mon at 4:25 PM

Jim, I assume that means by rolling out Subversion, right? Or have you created some sort of Subversion to TFS bridge?

jimnewkirk wrote Fri at 6:57 PM

We're adding support for TortoiseSVN.

I'm not sure about you but I'm pretty excited about.  I will no longer have to use TeamExplorer (we have Surround SCM at work and I have to keep switching to/from it so I can do dev on CodePlex) to access my code repository.  I can use my VisualSVN (that I purchased for $19!) so I can have the access to the code without the hassle of SSC bindings! (The cool feature of of VisualSVN is that it uses TortoiseSVN for all the interaction with the repository!)

Besides Tim and Nick, which of you .NET devs are using SVN?