I know a couple days have passed since Wednesday's IADNUG meeting, but I've been quite busy at work so my bloging time has been somewhat limited.

First, I will like to extend out my thank you to Mike Benkovich for coming down to speak at our user group. For those of you that don't know Mike, he's our Developer Community Champion which in Microsoft's terms, he's the guy that does the MSDN presentation for our region. Thanks Mike for taking the time to come down and speak to our group about data warehousing and their uses!

Also, Jeff Brand, our Community's only .NET Sex Symbol, was in town making customer visits and to pay a visit to our always growing user group. He was also kind enough to take us out for dinner after the meeting where we all shared a great time talking about random…ah…you know...things…I'll leave at that.

Halfway through the evening, we all professed our love for the color red, specially when it's used as a base color in articles of clothing. For example, a red sweater. Although, the weather outside was not cold enough to constitute the use of such red sweater, we gladly welcomed its presence. However, the use of pink in ties and shirts is still at question…sorry Timmy.

Thank you guys for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help us out. Your hard work is always appreciated! Who know what the next IADNUG meeting might bring? I guess, I will only have to wait and see...