I know, I know…I’m a little late on the resolutions.  But like they say, it’s better late than never!

So, I've been thinking about I want to change/enhance in 2009 for the past couple of weeks.  First I must say that I did achieve my theme for 2008 of Simplicity. However, I did SUCK at the whole “content, content, content” piece given the fact that I only 40+ posts in all of 2008!

So, here’s what I’m going to make up for these pieces ….

Professional Resolutions:

  • Stick with the “simplicity” theme (it’s great!).
  • Start my business.
  • Complete my “product”.
  • Write my online book.
  • Blog at least twice a week.
  • Start (and keep) going with an open source project.

Personal Resolutions:

  • Spend more time with my family (during normal hours).
  • Get in shape (and stay that way).
  • Learn Japanese & Latin.
  • Have more fun

That’s it!  Pretty simple and straight forward, right? :)