October 2004 Entries

blog downtime

This past weekend, I was working on my “network infrastructure.”  In other words, I just moved all of my current network configuration back to my old linksys router.  Everything, thus far, appears to be working fine; however, earlier this year I did have some issues with this router.  But hopefully the firmware upgrade will take of it. If you are looking for a good wireless solution for your home, I recommend my wireless router.  Granted, it's not a 802.11g, but honestly for surfing the internet, you are not going to get 52 mbps from your cable modem.  And if you are...

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Nick Parker Rocks!

Just would like to personally thank Nick Parker for providing me with a great custom CSS for displaying code in my blog. Check out my informal article explaining how to query Active Directory for user emails to see this CSS in action. Thanks Nick!

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Crosstab Queries in SQL Server

Currently at work,  we are re-writing an Access project (.mdb) to an ADP.  As we battle through the process, we encountered something that's not 'natively' supported in SQL Server...crosstab queries. So, I took some time to research this problem and found out some pretty good resources on achieving 'crosstab-ness' using T-SQL.  The first method is by far the best method...since it's the most mathematically based.  It's called the Rozenshtein Method developed by David Rozenshtein, a Russian mathematician. This method uses the concept of Boolean aggregates so that each column has a numeric expression that resolves each row as a zero or one and...

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