That's right!  If you're free this Saturday and get to get some free content and a great way to interact with the developer community in Central and Eastern Iowa, come check out the Iowa Code Camp at the DMACC West Campus!

Here's more info:

Iowa .NET and are hosting the second code camp to Iowa on November 8, 2008 at DMACC West inWest Des Moines.

You might be asking, what's a code camp? Well, here are some of the basic ideas:

  • Community driven
  • High quality
  • Its for and by developers
  • No cost (for attendees)
  • All about code, not PowerPoint presentations
  • Source code and slides must be available to share with people who attend
  • Never during work hours - usually on Saturday

What a code camp is not:

  • Corporate product placement
  • Marketing
  • Powerpoint Centric

Again, if you're free on Saturday, come check us out!