twitter is a funny thing.  Not only is it a web application but also a way interacting with people both on/off-line.  The thing that I find most interesting about it is how people tend to user it as a verb (have you twittered?) and a noun (my tweeps) another thing that's just part of their things to do.  Another interesting thing is how people here in Des Moines have managed to where other fellow DSM tweeps can meet.  Definitely something I really need to check out next month.

Not sure how many of you have seen the video in which it shows how we are the Internet and that the Internet is us (kinda of a scary/overwhelming thought).  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you check it out. It's only 4:31 minutes long.

Now, I'm not sure if twitter falls into that same realm or categorization as blogs, podcasts, etc. because of the way one interacts with twitter.  At it's core, twitter is nothing more than a simple publish/subscribe architecture.  If you care about to know it, just follow the loosely structure updates.  Just like sitting back and watching people go by in an airport...random things happen, it's totally up to you to pay attention to them.  There's nothing really formal about it...just you and the Internet.

Could it be that it's lack of structure that makes it so appealing to people?  If you think about it, although RSS has Simple in its name, it's not...when compared to the 160 char limit of twitter.

I guess, that I can't put my hands around it...twitter, what's your je ne sais quoi?