That's right, we're having another IADNUG meeting this evening with Chris Sutton from the CR Ineta user group talking about ASP.NE MVC!  If you're free this evening, come check us out!

Intro to the ASP.NET MVC Framework
Chris Sutton,
The ASP.Net MVC Framework is a new project that the ASP.Net team is working on to give developers an alternate and potentially better way to do web development in the ASP.Net environment. Model View Controller(MVC) is a well known presentation pattern that has been used in many environments with a variety of different languages. It enables the developer to achieve better separation between data, program flow and the actual presentation(html). By getting the optimal separation between data, flow and presentation your projects can be more maintainable as well as more testable.

In this talk we will dig into Models, Views and Controllers to learn how we can use this pattern to make our development lives easier. Chris will show you where to download the latest bits, how to install them and then how to use get starte developing with this project. 
Presenter Bio:

Chris Sutton is a consultant and technical trainer in Eastern Iowa and has been working with ASP.Net since the November beta in 2002. He helped start, the Ineta group in Colorado Springs, CO, and has been involved running, the Ineta group in Cedar Rapids, IA, over the last three years. Chris has the MCPD:Enterprise certification and is working toward his MCITP: Business Intelligence certification.

Getting to spend time with his wife and kids makes his tech work worthwhile. He also enjoys hiking and biking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter.