Running a user group is not easy.  It takes quite a bit of coordination to get sponsorships, line up the venue, line up speakers, find swag, schedule the logistics and the most important, order pizza...just to name a few.

At times we've been contacted by our members asking when the website will be updated with the meeting info or when will send out the email blast reminder.  Well, I'm sorry to say, but we get busy with our jobs/families and we end up dropping the ball at times.

Wouldn't it be nice we had a tool to help us manage the less "glitzy" parts of a user group?  Enter .

groop [group]
-management application

  1. helps you keep track of what matters to your user group.
  2. simplifies the administrative tasks that make running a user group a full time job.
  3. funny name, simple concept.

Currently, we're asking the question, what are your pain points of running your user group? Whether it be speaker management, newsletter distribution or event planning, we want to hear about it!
Go to the issue tracker and add or vote for your favorite features for groop!

What this project is not
This project is in no way intended to facilitate with editing/distribution of content for your group. There are other great tools out there like CommunityServer, DotNet Nuke and the Club Starter Kit. The sole purpose of this project is to help you keep track of the other administrative needs that come with running a group.

Current Status
This project will be an ASP.NET application built on top of these technologies:

The reason for choosing these technologies is solely done to the fact that they allow us to focus on the core application, rather than its nuances (CRUD operations, dependencies and testing). As the project progresses, we will add more tools to the bag of goodies. It's that simple!

To find out more about this project, check out .

Interesting in contributing to group?  Go to this and either share your ideas or your time as a developer for the project.  Once we get a good size for the group (3-5 people) and some features finalized, we can start coding!