That's right, I've traded my 30GB Video iPod for a 30GB Zune.  Why?  Well, since I'm running Vista Ultimate with Media Center (I'm working on a blog post) the Zune made it easier for me to sync up my recorded shows. 

To convert from Media Center format to WMV (MPG, MP4, etc), I'm using Roxio's MyTv ToGo.  When I had Media Center 2005, this product worked great with my iPod.  However, after upgrading to Vista, the software was unable to transcode the recordings to MP4.  I don't know, I guess it's just cool to see my Futurama, Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Office, etc. without paying twice for them.

Right now the only difference is that I have to seperately download my podcasts using Juice then adding the folder to the watch list under the Zune software.  Although it sounds like an inconvenience, it's not that bad.  While using iTunes to download podcasts, my PC would lock up since iTunes spike CPU utilization to 100%.  By using Juice as my podcast downloader, I don't have this side effect.  If you don't know about Juice, you should check it out.

Another cool thing is that the Zune takes my previously created Windows Media Player playlists as its own.  So I can enjoy the same playist without re-creating it.

I've also noticed that there's a Zune theme for Windows XP.  It's pretty good, I've switched to it from my previous Royale theme.

How many of you out there have a Zune?  How do you like it?