Just wanted to wish my readers (both old and new) a happy new year!  I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to blog more but I've been quite busy at work.  I've been doing a lot of working with interop with VB6 and VB.NET.  I've also added some MVP and WCF to spice things up as we slowly scale and re-write our application.  My main task it to finish my Extending ASP.NET article series on Code Project.

I'm planning to have a couple of C# “syntactic sugar” posts.  While working on our framework at work, I'm been using some of new features of C# 2.0 that help the usability (and readability) of the API.  Stay tuned for these!

Once again, thank you for sticking around with me for another year!  I really enjoy helping people by sharing my experiences as I travel through the fun world of .NET!