So, after posting about v2.0 of my blogiversary, I wanted to check out my stats on Google. When, I looked at the amount of dots on it, I was pretty impressed about the location of the 10 heavy hitters.

Google Analytics Geo Map overlay for Sept. 30th, 2006

City Country # Visits
London United Kingdom 20
Bangalore India 17
Bellevue, Washington United States 14
Des Moines, Iowa United States 12
Warszawa Poland 11
Hyderabad India 11
Singapore Singapore 11
Madrid Spain 9
Bombay India 9
Buenos Aires Argentina 8


I was surprised to find that my hometown of Monterrey, Mexico was on the map with 2 visits (Go, MTY!). It's pretty interesting what kind of stuff you find out about your website the moment you start gathering statistics.