Tonight we had our first Post-It discussing meeting.  Here’s the jist of it from our member’s email

We're trying something a little different for this month's meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, you will be given a post-it note and asked to write down 3 topics that you're currently interested in and would like to discusss.

We'll collect the post-it notes and form discussion groups based on their content. Anybody interested in the related content is encouraged to discuss/learn/share within the group. Also, each discussion group will have a recorder that will write the ideas discussed within the group. These ideas will then be shared with the rest of the full group before the meeting is over.

If this sounds interesting to you, please come and join us!

The group broke down to two main groups: Web Development and Agile Methodologies. For the Agile group, they spoke about TDD, Continuous Integration, Web testing (Selenium/Watir) along with other agile-related topics.  For the Web group, we spoke about (re)writing web applications to Windows Forms, SharePoint, Service Oriented Design|Architecture, etc.

Overall, I said we had pretty good interaction within the groups to keep things rolling for an hour and a half.  Will we try this again?  I think so, people seemed to enjoy it.  Anything to please the group.

On a personal note, I took Dominic to this meeting.  I mean, come on, the kid is destined to be a geek.  Why not start him earlier?  Not only that, he’s the youngest member of the IADNUG.  And yes, my wife was ok with the idea…