Well, I managed to install a new instance of SQL Server 2005 in my old Exchange Server box.  I removed Exchange since I no longer host my own email.  That’s right, my @lozanotek.com email accounts are hosted through Google.  It’s nice to get both my Gmail and lozanotek emails through one interface.  Why did I switch?  Since my IP address is dymanic, at times my email got rejected from a reciepient’s mail server (such case is with Microsoft’s mail servers).  After a while, I got pretty tired of it.

Anywho, I now have two SQL Servers running, one to host the blog (yeah, kinda of an overkill) and one to (re)host my Team Foundation Server.  I had previously installed it but had to “clean” the box to fix some stupid mistakes on my part.  I also reconfigured my application pool in IIS6 (soon to change … ;-)) to have more worker threads to handle the requests to the blog.  That’s right, my three readers will now get their content faster.

Planned updates for the blog?  Changing the way RSS feeds are served up.  Going to use the WCF RSS Toolkit to do most of the dirty work for me.  Planning on adding some Atlas (for front-end goodness) and some WF (for back-end processing).  Bit of an overkill?  Maybe, all in the name of learning.