While working at a client, we started to experience problems with the VB.NET compiler when trying to debug unit tests in VS2005 Team Edition for Software Developers.  Every time we tried to debug an unit test, the VB.NET compiler would crash and would corrupt the instance of Studio.  While looking for an answer we bumped into this suggestion on TSS.NET.

I tried the work around and the error went away!  So, if you experience the same problem, try it out.

Another problem with running unit tests that interacted with ServicedComponents, was the unexpected termination of a test run.  If we ran 5 tests against our components, only 2 would pass and the rest would abort.  We found out that this had to do with a security update (KB902400).  To work around this problem, we un installed the update and reported an incident with MS.  After a couple of days, received a patch for the patch.  If you can’t open a incident with MS to receive the patch, I recommend you remove the security update to get things working.

Hope this helps any of you that might be experiencing similar symptoms with unit tests in Studio.