Yet another week that has gone by with me not bloggin.  Man, I miss being back at the main office!  On the upside, I’m doing a lot of research with Enterprise Services (ES) for one of main customers.  They are currently moving their application from being mainframe based to a .NET n-tier framework.  So, I’m kept pretty busy most of the day reading articles and writing proof-of-concepts.  The kicker about this part of the architecture is not just the get us something to make it all work, but it is also position us so when something new comes out (Indigo/WCF) we can easily switch to it with minimal code impact.  It’s always a two way street!!

I found some pretty good articles that apply numbers to the old question, “What’s better ASMX, .NET Remoting or ES?”.  On a side note, when Indigo (WCF) to comes out in RTM, that question will no longer need to asked.  Or should I ask the Indigo/WCF team?  “Is the technology ready for prime time?”  (Please say YES!!!)