For those of you that know me, I like to work on random skunk works from time to time. Some of these works have allowed me to explore different software design methodologies. Or as Nick will call it, the coding of "factories that create factories that create factories". So I'm asking you, my three readers, what do you think should be my side project? Here are a few of the ideas that I've been kicking around my head:

  • Web Application Framework in .NET 2.0 - I've always talked about building a web/windows application that uses a custom framework to create web/windows applications. Why? Well, how many times have we all started with a blank web/windows project in VS.NET and developed the same functionality over and over? I've previously help build one for J2EE and we were able to have a full working website with 20 pages in about 10 minutes (our main bottle neck was WSAD). By 'working website', I'm referring to a full MVC website that used mainframe, yes MAINFRAME, DB2 as it's back end. This will be a great way to learn the new features of .NET 2.0.
  • Re-build my Poker.NET application to use Indigo. While at Iowa State, one of the CS classes I took had a semester project in which we implemented a client-server application using .NET Remoting as the 'communication' protocol. Well, now the coming of Indigo, I'm hungering to learn all the new features and benefits the architecture has to offer. So, why not rip out the remoting guts from my old application and replace it with Indigo?

As you can see, I need help/guidance in picking a project. Please feel free to post a comment expressing your ideas.